Download Gangstar Vegas Mod APK 4.6.0l (MOD money + OBB) for android

Software developers and programmers have held on to the pace of the progress of technology and are producing new methods of entertainment with its help for all kinds of age groups in different genres. The most trendy and famous type of entertainment among all age groups is the craze for crime and action-packed games. The most recent release in the action game genre is a mixture of both called Gangstar Vegas mod APK which is also recalled by the gamers as another version of the famous game, grand theft auto.

The theme of the game revolves around a city that is full of crime and in addition to that city of another gangster that is also a fighting champion. The game allows the user to be able to access a vast variety of weapons, drive unlimited automobiles in the game and acquire your title and reputation in the world of the mafia.


Gangstar Vegas mod APK is a third-person shooting action game in which the user is posed as a rising MMA champion. Being framed by the mafia, his reputation is down in the dumps and so to build his name up, he has to be the best fighter in the event of the year. The champion and the crime lord’s plan are ruined when your opponent beats you to it. This situation has made you the most wanted man in Vegas where you now have to use your resources and take part in the mafia world.

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To keep an active position in the new version of the game, it will be necessary for the player to use all the resources given like the variety of weapons including guns, bombs, and hand grenades, snatching automobiles and driving away with them. All these resources are provided in the game so that the user can part in the mafia world activities like kidnapping, murders, extortion, car chases or even suspicious business deals. It also includes other adrenaline-pumping activities like car chases and races with other crime lords and mafia members. Unlike other mafia games, this action based game is majorly picturized around casino life.

Gangstar Vegas Mod Info

Size32.73 MB
PlatformsAndroid 4.0.3+
Current Installs10,000,000


  1. Access to a variety of new and upgraded weapons to function in the game according to the mafia
  2. Hijacking automobiles to be able to go anywhere with your convenience
  3. Explore a bigger city as compared to the previous version.
  4. Create a gangster squad to help you win mafia activities of the game
  5. Enjoy the game that is filled with 80 missions, jam packed of action
  6. The new version, Gangstar Vegas mod apk, allows the user to be able to upgrade their skills and gear along with their appearance.
  7. Commit robberies in casino games


Gangstar Vegas mod apk requires a few APK files to be downloaded before it is installed so that the game can be played easily.

  1. Install APK extension
  2. Copy the following link in the APK extension

Download Gangstar Vegas Mod APK

  1. This will start the installation and downloading process
  2. Once downloaded, play and enjoy

There are times when downloading and installing any game which also has the previous version, the new version has license errors which cause disruption in the installation process. This license error can be fixed in the following way.

  1. Open the settings of the device in which you are installing the game
  2. Open application manager
  3. Empty the cache or previous history of downloads of google play service and google play store
  4. Search Gangstar Vegas mod apk in the google play store
  5. Start the downloading
  6. After the download is complete, follow the above given installation steps for smooth playing experience

The mod version of this action packed game brings with it additional features which were not previously available such as usage of drone for more firepower, new snipers, unlimited ammo and vehicles. It also allows the user to be able to spend as much money as possible in the game because of the feature of unlimited money, diamonds, weapons, and ammo. These additional features have been recently released only for the new version of the game.


Gangstar Vegas mod apk is the most hyped and trendiest action packed game in the market which is now being played by all age groups without any restrictions. This game is appealed to all age groups without any age or gender barrier which makes it more famous. Additional features provided in the new version makes the playing experience more enjoyable for the user and hence attract more gamers. The game’s similarity to grand theft auto has also contributed to making it popular among the consumers as compared to other genres of games.

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