GB Instagram APK Download v1.60 (Official) | Latest Version 2020

We all know that Instagram is not having an option to save or download the image directly. So, the solution in this regard is getting the modded version of Instagram. GB Instagram APK is actually the version that helps you in this regard. Besides this, it comes with a lot more benefits accelerating your Instagram experience. This modded version allows you to save all sorts of media files directly from Instagram to your device.

GB Instagram Latest APK Version:

Our surrounding is wholly filled with technological equipment like computer and smartphone. And now the increasing amounts of social media sites are also making us crave that. Using WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook and such other application of our devices is the norm. This makes us connect with our friends and family interactively. When Instagram is the point of discussion, then research shows that it is growing on a daily basis.

The main point is that Facebook is the owner of Instagram. Actually, it is the platform where you can share images and videos. But, the official Instagram application does not allow you to save any image or video directly from Instagram. In this regard, here I am mentioning a great application that will help you to save and images and videos directly from Instagram.

GB Instagram App is an excellent application that enables you to share and download images, stories, and videos to other social media sites. As we here mentioned, the Instagram application does not allow you to download the content. In this regard, GB Instagram latest apk is the solution.

GB Instagram APK

Moreover, before getting into the further details about GBinsta apk download, get to know and beware about all the scam and fraud applications claiming to allow you downloading Instagram content. Actually, those applications push ads on your home screen that intake a lot of your battery and memory. However, the story of GB Instagram apk is quite different. It is used by several people and most of them love it because of its user-friendly interface and a lot of great features.

Here are some more details about GB Instagram free download.

GB Insta APK Information:

APP NameGBInstagram
Compatible with Android Version4.3+
Total Downloads1,000,000,000+
APP Size38 MB
Last Updated1 day ago

What is GB Instagram Apk?

As we mentioned that Instagram is under the supervision of Facebook and this social media site is actually for sharing videos and images. But, as we all experience, the official Instagram application does not allows you to directly download or send the content. In this regard, here is the solution GB Instagram apk. Simply, it is a modem version of the official Instagram application that acquires a big number of features and benefits. This application enables you to save all sorts of Instagram media files directly to your device.

That’s now a fact or norm that for uploading status, we need things from Instagram. As the official app does not allow downloading feature, it’s something big to download an additional application and get that media file to our gallery. So use this modded version of the Insta app to get everything you need in your gallery easily.

Besides this, GB Insta apk comes with a plethora of features that accelerate your experience. Similar to several others, if you are also an Insta addict, then this writ is for you.

Now here are the great features of GB Instagram apk.

What are the Features of GB Instagram apk?

The most important and useful application GB Instagram APK offers is allowing you to download images, statuses, videos, and GIFs too. If you want to share any content with your family or friends then using this modded version is quite considerable. Those who do not know about GB Instagram & GBWhatsapp APK, screenshot the image then crop and share it. But it is an option only for images. You cannot do anything for videos. It is the reason, the mod developers created this version that allows you to fully experience Instagram.

Here are some ultimate features of Instagram GB:

  • Dual Instagram:

This is the recent feature added to GB instagram. This feature allows you to use more than one account in same one application. It eliminated the option of login and log out again and again with different accounts. All you need is to just tap onto the account and your account will begin working. There is a change account button that requires you to tap for using dual accounts.

  • Customization:

That’s a normal fact that we easily get bored by daily experiencing one same thing. The clean and simple instagram theme can also bore you and also sometimes our eyes demand uniqueness and colors. So, in this modded version of instagram, there are a great variety of themes, styles, and designs available that allows you to customize it. Customize the application according to your preference and make most out of it.

  • Conceal Your Presence:

There are times when you want to see the status or story but do not want to let the other person know. This is quite useful for those who love to keep their things private and stalk others. There are people close to us on which we keep an eye to note every single detail about them. But there are also people who we want to know about but do not allow them know that. Here this features completely fits.

  • Copying Captions and Bio:

Sometimes, we really get impressed by someone’s post caption or bio that we wholeheartedly want to copy that. But that’s quite unfortunate that the official Instagram app does not allow this. In this regard, the mod developers added this feature to let you copy post captions and bios in GBInsta. Now whenever you need, you can download the caption and bio easily and paste it anywhere else. Besides this, it also allows you to copy the comment from comment section that you like the most. Yes, this seems quite simple, but in reality, it makes a greater impact on how you use the application.

  • Star Marking Message:

The official version of the Instagram application does not allow you to mark someone’s message as a favorite with a heart or star. This means that you cannot highlight any message in the chatbox. However, this GB Instagram apk comes with a feature to let you mark a message with a star to make it easy for you to find that message later.

  • Built-in Auto Translator:

Instagram is a globally acclaimed application and a social media site where people connect all over the world. This means that we have friends out of our region and obviously, we do not know their language. When they will comment or post something, we are totally unable to understand that. GB instagram apk again solve this issue by its built-in auto translator. It allows translating text from the comment section or post caption with a single click inside the app.

  • Zoom in the Profile Images:

The core con of official instagram application is that it does not allows you to zoom in the profile picture. However, the latest mod version of GBInstagram allows you to zoom in the profile images. All you need is to zoom in the profile image by pinching.

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Download and Install GB Instagram APK on Android:

After getting attracted to all the great features of GBInsta, for sure you will crave to download it. So if you are over it, so binge on the internet to get its download link. It is not available on the Google Play store as it is the modded version. You can always easily GB Instagram Latest APK download directly from the internet.

After downloading, you need to install that. To get this on your device, you must need to have 4.3 version of android or above. If you have this or above version and really want to use this application, then here is its installation guide.

  1. Prior to start downloading GB Instagram APK on your android, make sure to permit application download from external sources. You can do this on your security setting of android devices. It is important because this APK will get the download from an external source.
  2. After permitting, access to any reliable source to get the application on your device. There would be a point with ‘GB Instagram APK download’ or anything alike. Click that to initiate downloading.
  3. Then, go to the APK file section to find GB Instagram APK.
  4. Now begin the installation. Enable the app to get prepare for installation. Prior to its installation, it will question you for terms and conditions. Accept that and go to the next option.
  5. Now the installation will begin. As the installation begins, wait for that to complete.
  6. You need to assure that you downloaded the latest version of the application. This means updating your app whenever it asks you to do so. Update it if it initially asks you to do so. This will keep you away from all sorts of bugs.
  7. After installation, launch the app after a few minutes. Allow it to load the data. Login to your account. Customize if you want and begin using Instagram as you want to.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Will using modded version ban me?

We hear the news a few days back that Instagram is banning those accounts who are using a cracked or modified version of the Instagram application, such as GB Instagram. So great news is that GB Instagram comes with an anti-ban feature that assures you will not get a ban.

Does it requires rooting the smartphone?

No, this is another great thing about this application that it does not require rooting your android device. You just need to download and begin using the application. It is meant to work on rooted and non-rooted both devices.

There are several other insta mods available, which one is best?

Well, this is another important question people ask. Getting GBInsta on your android will make you love it. the core reason behind people loving this application is the additional features not available in the official application. So yes, GB Instagram APKis better.

Do GB instagram harm device?

No, this is something everyone asks as it is an APK file. GB Instagram is totally safe to use and it does not even harm your device. It is just a modded version of official Instagram and comes up with some additional features accelerating your experience. a quite big number of people are using this application for the past two years.

Final Words:

So in this writ, mentioned each and every detail about this modified or cracked version of Instagram. Now if you really want to get fascinated on Instagram by new and extra features then follow the installation and guide and must get it. surely, it will accelerate your experience and you will love it.

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