NEWhatsApp APK Download Latest Version 7.05 in 2020 (Official)

If you are the one who is not totally satisfied with the current features and benefits of Whatsapp then this writ is for you. Do you want to know what NeWhatsApp APK is? also, about each and every detail about this app.
If yes, then you are in the right place. Today, here mentioning each and every detail about the latest version of NEWhatsApp APK. So, actually, this is a modified and lite version of Whatsapp application in pink mode. Surely, imagine the soft and glam look of this application. Yes, it’s beautiful!

So, NeWhatsApp APK 2020 is one of the attractive application having some decent features. This application comes with all the basic features every WhatsApp user requires. However, in comparison to its competitors, it lacks some advanced features. But still, its attractive look makes it stand out among others. The people who like to use the applications in such color like pink, so pink WhatsApp plus is a perfect option for those. Besides this, it also has a lot of themes but those are from GBThemes. If you need to change the theme then add them from SD card or store.

Another of its great features making people surprise is that it gives you an option to connect and chat with people without adding them into your phone book. We all know the official Whatsapp app does not allow this. If you want to have chat with someone temporarily, then this app is helpful.
So now let’s get deeper into the details of this application.

What is NeWhatsApp APK?

As mentioned above, simply NeWhatsApp APK is another mod version of the official Whatsapp application. Particularly, it is for those who love to use colored themes and pink look of WhatsApp. This is a simple application acquiring some potent privacy features and mods. It is a sufficient application for all those who are advanced level WhatsApp users. Undoubtedly a great choice for those who do not need enough features besides the already given by official WhatsApp.

Even though, it has a lot more great features that will accelerate your experience. Also, its pink color theme will attract you to use it more as it is quite good at looking.

NeWhatsApp apk is a much more safe and trustworthy version of the official Whatsapp application. Occasionally, the official version of Whatsapp does not facilitate you in a way you want. On the other hand, the developers of OG Whatsapp have modified it which makes it quite interesting to use. Do not think that it will ever hamper your privacy or security; in fact, it is a more trustworthy app. Its core features include DND mode, hiding online statuses, auto-reply features, and customization. Its developers keep updating the app and regularly include new and innovative features to make it more interesting.

Now you will think about the features NEWhatsApp APK latest download offers. So, here is the list of features it offers.

Version Info

Size24 - 42 MB
DeveloperAltornedo7 (Nasser)
Last UpdatedJuly 19, 2019
Version7.05 {Anti-Ban}
VariantsLite and Full

Features of NEWhatsApp APK:

Features are the thing that gives a boost to your user experience. if you will find all the great features suiting your need then surely you will use the application often, even can recommend to others too. NEWhatsApp apk also comes with some great features that can accelerate your user experience. Even, its pink theme will make you fond of it to use often. As the official application does not let you use it as its fullest so these mod developers creates modified versions of official applications with a bit of new features infusion.

In this regard, here mentioning some of the ultimate features of NEWhatsApp apk:

  • Anti Revoke:

This is something best in this mod WhatsApp application. Actually, most people claim this to be the best feature in this app. Everyone is supposed to know the exact message that gets deleted by the sender. Enabling this option in your NeWhatsApp apk will make you know the message as the sender will be unable to delete messages for you. This feature is available in the privacy section where you need to enable it.

  • Freeze Last Seen:

Using WhatsApp anonymously is also something fun to do. Official WhatsApp allows this to an extent, but Pink NeWhatsApp apk allows without any certain point. This pink Whatsapp allows you to do this. It comes with an option that freezes your last seen. However, you will also not able to see the last seen of your other contacts. You need to enable this option from the privacy settings of your application.

  • Hiding Status Views:

Playing hide and seek on WhatsApp is also possible with NeWhatsApp apk file. Yes, you can secretly follow others without them knowing and view their status. Isn’t this something great? Definitely, it is. This means that enabling this option will allow you viewing others’ status but they cannot count your view or know that you viewed their status. Being an egotist will make the most out of it as it is helpful for those in satisfying their ego along with doing what they want. You can enable this option by the privacy settings of your pink WhatsApp APK.

  • Media Sharing:

Similar to several other mods, NEWA also comes with a plethora of features that will surely boost up your user experience. 2 GB is the limit of this application for video sharing. You can share full images and such other benefits. Without any doubt, this WhatsApp APK file is quite better than the official application and features more. Also, there is a possibility that the developer will soon add more features to this APK file.

  • Privacy Options:

This attractive looking application comes with quite potential and adequate options for privacy. Also, these options are actually the core demand of users nowadays. Also, the privacy options provided in this APK mod Whatsapp are enough for all advanced level users as adjusting with these features are entirely possible. These privacy options are applicable to contacts, broadcasts, and groups. The privacy options included are.

  • Hiding read status
  • Hiding receipt status
  • Hiding playing status
  • Hiding recording
  • Hiding typing

You can enable these options obviously by the privacy settings of apk application.

  • Customization Options:

Mostly each part of the application is customizable. This is another best thing that comes with NEWhatsApp apk. When talking about its user-interface, it includes some default designs like a custom color, transparent, gradient, and wallpaper. You are also allowed to change the bubble style and tick styles of the application. Also, besides all these customization options, there are also many that you need to explore yourself. The customization setting option is easily accessible with the main settings of this mod application.

After getting known about the features, you need to know the way to install the latest NEWA APK in your device. That’s also an easy and simple deal. Take a look below.

Step by Step Guide to Download and Install NeWhatsApp APK:

This is a mod file so you cannot find it on the play store. There are a lot of websites that provide you the link to download it. However, most of those are malicious links or fraud so our recommendation is to not consider those. Here is the download link of this application that takes you to a safe downloading option to prevent malicious links and bugs in your device.

Installation Guide:

So, this apk file is totally a different version of the WhatsApp you get from the Play store. In this regard, you can use NeWhatsApp apk as your secondary account.

Alongside this app, you can also use other mod Whatsapp versions like YoWhatsApp or GBWhatsapp as your primary account. Also, keep in mind to have a backup from the official Whatsapp version prior to doing anything as the official version is the safest.

The way you can have a backup from the official version is by opening the official WhatsApp application, go to settings, then chats, there will be chats backup option, click the green button to begin backing up your data.

After backing up, you should get proceeded to the installation process as after installation you can use the beautiful mod pink color WhatsApp.

Step 1: From the link download the official version of NeWhatsapp apk.

Step 2: You need to uninstall the official WhatsApp.

Step 3: Click onto the file of NEWA APK, you will get a notification to allow downloading from unknown sources, allow that.

Step 4: Again, click onto the  NEWhatsApp apk icon to begin the installation.

Step 5: After opening the application, log in to the account with your mobile number.

Step 6: Now you will see a question asking you to restore the previous chat data. Restore the backup you did to get all your data back in your mod account.

Step 7: All done! Now you can use your pink color WhatsApp to chat with your friends and get the most out of all its ultimate features. As surely, its features will boost up your experience and make you recommend this APK file to others.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does NeWhatsApp apk have any alternatives?

Yes, there is a big number of alternatives for NEWhatsapp. In fact, its alternatives offer more features and benefits in comparison to this mod file. Those alternatives are filled with a plethora of customization and other privacy options that will boost your experience. some of the alternatives are.

Can I use two accounts on this mod apk?

Yes, it allows you to use multiple accounts with different phone numbers.

I use this mod file on my PC?

As most people use WhatsApp on their PC and laptops so developers consider it. So, yes you can use this on smartphones and PCs. However, to download it on your PC, firstly you need to have an Android Emulator to make it download.

Is this compatible with iOS?

No, unfortunately, pink whatsapp mod apk is not compatible with Apple devices. You can only use it in Android devices.

Is this modified NeWhatsApp apk version safe to use?

It is the widely asked question by most of the users. Yes, it is completely safe to use and rarely does makes any user ban. This mod file is safe to use and also do not have bugs to hinder your usage. It will not even cause your smartphone crash. So get it download and begin using.

Final Words:

So, this is the most beautiful and attractive version of mod WhatsApp you can use. It comes with a lot of features and benefits that will surely make you happy to use it. its developers are still working to add more features. Download it, if you want to have a pink color WhatsApp.

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