OGWhatsApp APK Download Latest Version v8.40 (Anti-ban) 2020

OGWhatsapp APK is the modded version of a simple Whatsapp application. It facilitates its users with simple, clean and free service of messaging which is completely secure and reliable. Its developers also included in it some additional features which are of advanced level. These features are essential for certain users who feel extreme importance for their security and privacy. OGWA provides the advance privacy features as the user will himself decide who will see their profile pictures, statuses and who is liable to chat with them. This will definitely become quite a dependable messaging application. OGWhatsapp APK is a good alternative to GBWhatsapp.

OGWhatsapp plus APK is now a globally popular messaging app. It has almost 500 active users on a monthly basis. Whatsapp is always an essential thing for us from the time we got our smartphones. It stands apart from other applications because of its flexibility, simple interface, and free service. It is quite fast and trustworthy that we now don’t think to use something else in place of Whatsapp.

During the early days when Whatsapp got launched, it does not have some basic messaging features. But when times passes it becomes better day by day and today it is facilitating its users with a lot of features that attract its users.

Download OGWhatsapp APK

OGWhatsApp APK Download Latest Version v8.00 (Anti-ban) 2019

About OGWhatsapp:

OGWhatsapp APK is a much more safe and trustworthy version of the official Whatsapp application. Occasionally, the official version of Whatsapp does not facilitate you in a way you want. On the other hand, the developers of OGWhatsapp have modified it which makes it quite interesting to use. Do not think that it will ever hamper your privacy or security, in fact it is more trustworthy app. Its core features include DND mode, hiding online statuses, auto-reply feature, and customization. Its developers keep updating the app and regularly include new and innovative features to make it more interesting.

In this article, we will let you know a complete detailed guide about OGWhatsapp.

File Information:

Size50 MB+
Requires Android5.0+
Last updated1 day ago

Downloading and Installation of OGWhatsapp:

Download OGWhatsapp APK

OGWhatsapp latest version download Apk is an easy task. you can simply find its downloading links on the internet and download it.

Besides, its installation needs a bit of effort. But there is no need to worry, mentioning below step by step process for installing OGWhatsapp.

  • Firstly, download it from any trusted source.
  • After downloading go to file manager and find OGWhatsapp APK file and click on it. Clicking will begin the installation. Be patient it will take time!
  • Now you no need to do anything else. Just open the application and begin to use an interactive mod version of Whatsapp.

Some Core Features of OGWhatsapp APK:

It is already mentioned that OGWhatsapp comes with several customizations along with other privacy features. There are several different types of Whatsapp APK but all differ in features and user interface. This mod version of Whatsapp acquires special features of customization and security. Maybe some features are not useful for someone but some could be useful for that certain person.

Here all its currently available features are mentioned:

  • Anti Ban APK:

If you are the one who always uses the modded versions of Whatsapp then most probably you have faced the pain of getting banned. The officials of Whatsapp always seek for the modded versions and ban its users who use third party Whatsapp APKs. Glad to mention that this latest version of OG Whatsapp comes with a fixed issue of a ban and you will not have to experience any problem regarding the ban. This app is entirely free and quite secure to utilize.

  • Pre-Built Message Scheduler:

This is the most recently added feature in OGWhatsapp and its users are appreciating it a lot. You may experience that sometimes you want to send any message or greetings at a particular time but you forget to do that, so it is now solved. This mod version of Whatsapp now has a feature called pre-built message scheduler which is liable to automatically sends a message at a certain time you want. You are just needed to send the message text along with time and the receiver. OGWhatsapp will automatically send that message without any of your activities. For this, you should active internet connection for sending a message. This feature definitely makes our lives easier and you will not have to interrupt your work.

  • Calling To Non-Saved Numbers:Calling To Non-Saved Numbers

In official Whatsapp, you have to save one’s number to call him/her. But OGWhatsapp facilitates in a way that you do not have to save number and can directly call that non-saved number. This of the feature by OGWhatsapp is quite handy when you are in need to call someone quite urgently and you also do not want any unwanted number on your cell phone.

  • Inbuilt Status Downloader:Inbuilt Status Downloader

Apart from chatting and chanting, most of us also use it for uploading our statuses. This actually makes us closer to our friends. But it does not let us download one’s status on our phone directly. For getting that you have to request that person. Instead of this, using OGWhatsapp will let you download that story or status and get that directly on your cell phone.

  • Enhanced Characters For Written Status:

While using official Whatsapp you cannot write more than 130 characters in your written statuses. But this OGWhatsapp lets you write almost 250 words of written status. This becomes useful when you have to write long quotes or written status which is larger. These kinds of simple features will alter the way you priory uses Whatsapp.

  • Group Name with 35 Characters:

The most major usage of Whatsapp is group chat. And giving a name to that group is also a fun part. Everyone wants to set quite creative names for certain Whatsapp group. But official Whatsapp limits your creativity for just 25 characters. But fortunately, you can consume all your creativity by using OGWhatsapp APK that offers you additional 10+ characters.

  • Copy Other’s Status on Your Clipboard:

Sometimes you just read someone’s written status and want that but the official Whatsapp never lets you copy that instead, you have to ask that person to send you that written text. Using OGWhatsapp allows you to download others’ status directly to your clipboard. Even the person will not know about it. This is one of the recently added features in OGWhatsapp.

  • Block Particular Contact’s Call:

Nowadays it often happens that people annoy by calling on Whatsapp continuously but you do not want to block them entirely. In this regard, this feature on OGWhatsapp helps you to just block the call of that particular person. You will just be needed to turn off the call receiving option in the setting of that contact. OGWhatsapp is on the way to give you such amazing features without any charges.

  • Send 90 Images At a Time:

This is major feature of OGWhatsapp. While using official Whatsapp application you can only send 30 images at a time. It really bothers to wait and select again and again 30 images to send. OGWhatsapp allows you to send 90 images at a time. Isn’t it handy? You will just have to select once a big number of images and sent that to a certain person easily.

  • Inbuilt Whatsapp Locker:

Since the release of Whatsapp, most of the people are in search of a good app locker. It is because the official Whatsapp does not have an inbuilt locker. And it is unlucky that there isn’t any third-party app locker which gives potential security lock for Whatsapp. But if you can find any it will bother you will ads. OGWhatsapp facilitates you with an inbuilt locker too. There would not be any ads to bother you and your Whatsapp will be safe and secure.


The things you can customize in OGWhatsapp are:

  • Look and size of the pop-up notification
  • Widget’s size and color
  • Anti-ban feature
  • Recovery of data and backups
  • Header, size, and color of pictures
  • The size and header of the contact pictures
  • Color of launcher icon is also customizable
  • Deactivating some features like animations and voice notes is also possible

Some Things to Keep In Mind:

Actually, OGWhatsapp is the modified version of the official Whatsapp application. It is just altered with a few innovative features and making the user experience much better. It could be like a third-party app that is not from the actual developers of Whatsapp. But still, it is completely safe and secure to use. It will never cause your privacy at risk. But still always protect yourself while using the third-party apps.

  • OGWhatsapp Account Should Be Your Secondary Account:

Use your official primary account for all your business and crucial work. Only use OGWhatsapp secondary account for personal use. The primary account will never let your important data and business credentials into the wrong hands if there could be any online threat.

  • Never Overuse Its Features:

Of course, it is different from the genuine Whatsapp. All the things you will do will go to their servers too. Whatsapp officials also keep a keen eye on illegal activities and they can ban such activities for offending their terms and conditions. So do not overuse its features.


OGWhatsapp APK is quite a great option for enjoying additional features of Whatsapp. It lets you enjoy several different things. Its UI is quite simple to navigate. You just need to keep things in a limit. So don’t waste your time and download OGWhatsapp now.

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