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The most popular application is called WhatsApp, and it is considered the best social network in the history of the Internet, among many things for its constant updates, which is why this unofficial app has come out, but it has improvements that enrich even more the experience of all WhatsApp.

Download WhatsApp Plus For Andriod

You can also Download WhatsApp Plus APK for Android 2020

If you download this update you will find many interesting options, which the official version of WhatsApp does not have. And last but not least, another much more powerful WhatsApp + mod called ” WhatsApp Plus Jimods” or ” Watsapp plus” has just been released. But before…

What is Whatsapp Plus?

Whatsapp Plus is a version created to complement in a different and innovative way the way to use this social network. You will be amazed by the features offered by this app called Whatsapp +.

We must know that this application is available for android, except for iOS (iPhone) and that it is the unofficial version, that is, the unofficial but most used mod of GBWhatsapp.

Features of WhatsApp Plus for Android

WhatsApp Plus changed developers, and right now its latest version has been created by a single person, who has included great features that you never imagined could exist.

These are some of the characteristics that we find when downloading updated WhatsApp plus :

  • Hide last connection, blue popcorn, and double popcorn.
  • Hide the ” writing ” prompt, so you can write messages without anyone seeing it.
  • Create groups and group invitations for video calls.
  • Always connected mode.
  • Extreme customization, you can modify the interface completely.
  • You can change the WhatsApp icon and add the one you prefer.
  • Ability to send many types of files, including.MP3 files.
  • Password lock developed in the application itself, without third-party applications.
  • Improved states, gifs, and even videos can be added to states.
  • Community-created themes that can be shared.
  • A full backup in a very easy way.
  • Sending images without loss of resolution.

These are just some news of WhatsApp Plus, surely over time, you will discover even more.

Whatsapp Plus APK Download

Download WhatsApp Plus Free (All versions of 2020)

Whatsapp plus has many modifications compared to the original Whatsapp, such as, for example, it has limitations on the amount of information that can be sent, restrictions on user identity, unlimited videos and photos, etc.

Size52.3 MB
Last UpdatedMarch 24, 2020
Based on2.20.27

So, if you want to do a direct download of Whatsapp + for free, you should mainly try to get an APK you can download for free. Here we provide the download link.

How can you know if it is free or if you have to pay?

Well, more than everything you can see is in case the page contains too much advertising, because free URLs work like this, and it is their way of making money, with advertising.

It is mainly recommended to install WhatsApp Plus through the URLs that you will find here below on our website, free for all our readers, you can download it quickly and easily.

Just looking at this topic shows how immensely efficient WhatsApp plus is.

Install Whatsapp Plus 2020

It is worth mentioning that WhatsApp Plus is still a social network, and therefore has many updates, (this 2020 has presented many versions)

But mainly if you want to download Whatsapp plus this 2020, I recommend installing version 8.50, which is said to have had better performance on mobiles and other devices so far.

How to install version 6.40 on Android

  1. Go to ” Settings “.
  2. Look for the ” Security ” option (usually located at the bottom-middle of the list of settings).
  3. Click on the option “ Accept unknown sources ”.
  4. Download the APK directly from your phone or PC.
  5. Unzip the file and complete the installed process.
  6. Manually verify with an antivirus that the document does not have any infection.

It should be noted that just as there have been many updates to WhatsApp plus this 2020, they have also shown an immense amount of URLs with the corrupted encoding that has viruses.

It is for the latter reason that many choose NOT to go to all kinds of links, but usually use those links from previous years or from the beginning of the year that are found in Google. You no longer have to worry about that, direct download link, free, and without advertising, here.

Download Whatsapp Plus APK

Whatsapp Plus APK Download

The APK of Whatsapp plus in its latest version is free and very easy to download, just click on the button that says Download Whatsapp Plus Apk. And voila, you’ll have it on your mobile device in no time.

However, it should be noted that the latter often tends to confuse people who are not fully specialized in downloading information from the internet.

They can inadvertently click on the advertising that appears to them, as a consequence an infinity of pop-up windows will open. So it is better to download from here.


  • Download the APK from our website, virus-free, free, fast and easy.
  • When you have managed to download WhatsApp plus in Apk format, you only have to install it.
  • Previously you will have to give permissions to your phone to allow it to install files from unknown sources (APK)
  • If it is on the PC that you are installing it, the procedure is the same for Whatsapp Plus.
Whatsapp Plus, the best way to talk to your friends no matter where you are.

Download Whatsapp Plus 8.50

The Whatsapp Plus 8.50 version is so far one of the latest updates to the app, and it is undoubtedly one of the best since it is fast, has more active customization and small but practical details.

However downloading it is a problem because there are no specific URLs where they are downloaded massively on the internet, which is why the best option to download it is simply on the official WhatsApp page

You can download it for different devices, for example for PC, Android and iOS (iPhone).

  • Download Whatsapp Plus version 8.50 from its official website.
  • Unzip the .rar or .zip file
  • You will find the Whatsapp Plus v8.50 installation file because it will have that name.
  • Check that this version does not have any type of harmful virus. (Antivirus)
  • Now you have to install this latest version of Whatsapp + and enjoy the wonderful experience.

Download GB Whatsapp plus

The latest version par excellence is that of Gb Whatsapp Plus, a new Mod that has come to light as a result of some users not being able to use Whatsapp + normally, or it doesn’t work for them, or they are blocked, etc. They have made this new version has been created for all of you.

It is a much more improved version, and has the following characteristics:

  1. More privacy
  2. More capacity when sending large files (which are very heavy)
  3. Preview the videos you receive, without downloading them.
  4. Calls and video calls.
  5. You can change the color of everything, the icons, the background, the letters “writing …”, “recording …”, etc.
  6. Hide states to whoever you want.
  7. Translation of messages into your language at the same time, without leaving the app.
  8. You can install WhatsApp plus GB together with the official version of Whatsapp.
    Much, much more.

What is Whatsapp Plus Holo?

This application or version of WhatsApp, called Holo, is a version for lovers of retro-futurism, its appearance is extraordinary, and the user experience is the best ever seen.

Whatsapp Plus Holo is a version that you can download for free on your Android cell phone, yes, you will have to download it in Apk format since in Google Play you will not find it.

You have to take into account that if you are going to install WhatsApp Plus Holo, you will not be able to have it installed at the same time with the official version of WhatsApp, they are incompatible, the last known version of the Free WhatsApp Apk for Plus Holo is the version 3.17.

Does Whatsapp + work in 2020?

You may have heard that WhatsApp Plus no longer works.

But this is not so, and here we are to demonstrate it to you, with one of the most complete guides that you will find on WhatsApp Plus. We are teaching you how to install it, what is new in the latest version and what requirements you need to use and enjoy it.

The latest version of Whatsapp + brings the new status bar where you can add images or Gifs. In addition to this, we can find several additional features that we list below:

Requirements to install and use WhatsApp + on Android

To install and use WhatsApp Plus on your phone or cell phone, these are the things you need:

  • Download WhatsApp Plus.APK file below ( WhatsApp Plus Mod APK V8.50 version ).
  • If you want to keep your conversations you must make a backup copy.
  • Download a file explorer from Google Play, no matter what. We recommend the following.
  • On your mobile, activate the Unknown sources option from the Security area.

How to install WhatsApp Plus on your Android device

If you want to back up your conversations, go to the normal WhatsApp application > Settings> Chats> Backup, and do a manual backup.

When you’re done, follow these steps:

  • Uninstall WhatsApp as you normally would with any other application.
  • With the file, the explorer finds and install the APK of WhatsApp Plus properly.
  • When you have the application, open it and enter your phone number and you will automatically receive the confirmation.
  • Once you enter your name you will see the notice that a backup has been found; accept and you are done.

When you download WhatsApp Plus you will see that there are six different menus to customize the application to your liking. In these menus, you will find several options that will allow you to adjust the application according to your preferences.

Frequently asked questions about WhatsApp Plus

Do I have to uninstall the official WhatsApp app to use WhatsApp Plus?

Yes, you have to uninstall the WhatsApp application first and then download and install WhatsApp Plus.

Can WhatsApp Plus be installed on the iPhone?

Unfortunately, Whatsapp Plus is not yet available for the iPhone . Meanwhile, you can use Whatsapp Spy for iPhone.

Is WhatsApp Plus better than the official WhatsApp application?

Undoubtedly, WhatsApp Plus is much better than the original WhatsApp app, in every way.

Is my WhatsApp account secure if I use WhatsApp Plus APK?

Yes, your WhatsApp account will be totally safe and there will be no risk of blocking.

How can you download WhatsApp plus?

Downloading the latest version of Whatsapp plus is very simple, you just have to click on the download button that you can see on this page. Once clicked, an apk file will start downloading so you can install it on your device. If you have any questions, check the steps to install the application.

How is WhatsApp plus updated?

The easiest way to keep your installation updated is to periodically download the latest version of the apk and update it on your device. Remember that this is completely free and you can do it from GbModAPK

There is a rumor on the Internet that they say that if you download and install WhatsApp, you will be banned. That is LIE, it is a very safe App and without risk of blocking. In WhatsApp policies, it does not prohibit any use of its alternatives.

Finally, remember that this process is available only for Android, iPhone users will not be able to install WhatsApp Plus in any way.

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